Where Should I Visit In Japan?

Where Should I Visit In Japan?

Where Should I Visit In Japan?

Japan is “the land of the rising sun.” Japan is a small country when compared with China and India. But Japan is a big country otherwise; it is made up of 6852 small and big islands. But japan comprises of four main islands Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. Japan is truly a year-round destination. However, people often ask Google a common question; “where should I visit in Japan?” The places you visit depends upon many things like time, month, budget, etc. The purpose of the visit can be leisure and travel, witnessing cherry blossoms, or a culture trip.  Different months of the year are distributed for each purpose. However, Google has many answers to your question ” where should I visit in Japan?” The best time to visit japan depends upon what a traveler wants to do when he arrives.

Where Should I Visit In Japan?
Where Should I Visit In Japan?

When Should I Visit Japan?

  • January- in January snow covers Japan. During this time the visitors can check the famous snow monkeys in Nagano. They can celebrate the Sumo New Year in Tokyo and enjoy the cherry blossom season in Okinawa.
  • February- in February divers can witness the presence of Humpback whales in the water. Visitors can indulge in winter sports during this time and can attend a fun snow festival in Sapporo.
  • March- This month marks the on-set of cherry-blossom season. Visitors can celebrate Hanami, a flower viewing festival, they must visit Okinawa during this month and can see a Sumo match in Osaka.
  • April- visiting Japan during April is not advisable.
  • May- visitors can go to Hokkaido witness last cherry blossoms of the year. This month is also called the month of flowers, as many flowers bloom during this season. They give Japan a scenic beauty.

Other Times To Visit Japan

  • June and July- this is the season of heavy rains and typhoons in many parts of Japan. Visitors can plan to hike Mount Fuji from July. They can also attend Fuji Rock Festival in the last weekend in July at Naeba Ski Resort in Yuzawa.
  • August- this month witnesses the Obon festival. Obon is celebrated in honor of dead people. 
  • September- it is not advisable to visit Japan during this month.
  • October and December- it is an excellent time to visit the deer park in Nara.
  • December- it starts to snow in December, which is an excellent time to sci. Japan witness’s maximum tourist during this month.
Where Should I Visit In Japan?
Where Should I Visit In Japan?

Hidden Gems Of Japan

  • Tottori Sand Dunes- the length of this dune is 10 miles, and the width is one-and-a-quarter miles. Visitors can trek on these dunes for some epic views on a camel.
  • Nakasendo Way- this is a long path that connects Kyoto and Tokyo. It is about 310 miles long. This walk is a great way to know Japan.
  • Some other gems of Japan are Shikoku Island, Hakodate, Yakushima, and Koshu. These places are a must-visit for travelers.


Japan is one of the most famous tourist destinations, especially during cherry-blossom season. Each island of japan has something to serve. Apart from the best places in Japan, it also has its authentic food, which can be mouthwatering. Visitors can also take a tour in the bullet train and enjoy the speed and scenic beauty of Japan. So, Japan is a must-visit for a traveler.

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