What To See In Japan: Know

What To See In Japan: Know

Know What To See In Japan

Japan is world-famous for its technological advancement. The ultramodern skyscrapers make it a major hub for business people. The aspect that most people are unaware of Japan is its distinctive culture. The traditions are another great asset. Japan offers tourists with a sweep of things to do. From visiting its bewildering cities to tiny Japanese villages from neon arcades to serene bamboo forests, from adventurous activities to placid temples, there are so many things to do in Japan. You just name it and Japan would cater to your every fascination. What to see in Japan is no longer a mystery.

Profusion Of Activities

Endless discovery is what could define Japan. It offers you with a plethora of choices. It leaves people overwhelmed when they look for what to see in Japan. Conserved cultures, magnificent holy shrines, alluring landscape gardens are a boon for eyes. Not to forget that the alluring landscapes word has a different meaning altogether. Outdoor activities include trekking, cycling, skiing, snowboarding. And also diving, swimming, kayaking, and other water sports.

What To See In Japan And Enrich

Still wondering what to see in Japan? Start from visiting Kyoto. Kyoto gives you the authentic experience of traditional Japan. You will experience colorful Kimonos. And also stone streets, wooden houses, unique ceremonies, temples, shrines and the hymns of Buddhist monks in robes. Then you can head towards Tokyo. This place just complements Kyoto with its magnificent skyline, themed restaurants. Modern fashion statements and busy ambiance will leave you amazed. If you are in search of a peaceful place, head towards Kanazawa.

Know What To See In Japan
Know What To See In Japan

Japan is home to 21 UNESCO World Heritage sites. Temple town of Nikko has a Toshogu shrine with lavishly decorated buildings. The antique cedar trees are a must-visit. Koya-san in Kansai Mountains houses secluded temples. It offers exemplary opportunity to watch the life of monks from close. Daibutsu-den at Todaiji in Nara is the largest building in the world. Which is made out of wood only. It exhibits a fifteen-meter tall statue of Buddha.

Boken, The Word For Adventure In Japanese

If you thought this is all there is to see in Japan, then you are wrong. When visiting an island nation with 70 percent of land covered with forest, you can’t help but think of various outdoor activities you can indulge in. Cycling through the plains of Hokkaido with Mount Fuji is indeed a fun activity. Cycling your way through Oirase and Oze National Park grants you leisure and unforgettable experience.

Adventure owns a completely different meaning when you visit the mesmerizing Mount Fuji in the hiking season of July to September. Water sports in Minakami offers whitewater rafting. To just raise the level of excitement Izu and Ogasawara’s island blesses you with the opportunity to experience. The vivid and vibrant biosphere while swimming with fishes is a great visit. That’s why people call it a mystical experience.

The Takeaway

There is an immense amount of enriching experience Japan offers you. From untouched nature to human marvels. Blissful seas to skyscrapers, secluded places to ever lit nightlife, there are a lot of places to see. Along with these, the rich cultural and traditional values make Japan stand out among others. Beautiful places are like pearls scattered

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