Traditional Japanese Food – Best To Look For:| Types Of Food

Traditional Japanese Food – Best To Look For

Traditional Japanese Food – Best To Look For

Japanese cuisine is among the best in the world. They highlight the presentation, and the technique as well as taste. The Japanese follow the rule of five. The use of five different colors, five different techniques and five different tastes. Known for its rich heritage and tradition, Japan offers some of the best dishes in the world. You have to taste traditional Japanese food to know the best dishes. The aesthetic beauty of the dish, the taste, and the quality are a work of art. Here, we look at some of the best traditional dishes Japan has to offer.

Traditional Japanese Foods- Sushi

This was the first dish that sprang into your mind. Probably the most well-known dish, Japan has given to the world. Created in ancient times, Sushi is hugely popular among locals and tourists. Vinegerated rice with a piece of fish eaten with soy sauce. YOu can prepare Sushi in many ways.

Traditional Japanese Food  – Best To Look For
Traditional Japanese Food – Best To Look For

Traditional Japanese Foods- Ramen

The next most popular dish originated from Japan is ramen. This noodle dish has gained worldwide popularity. A broth containing meat and veggies, topped with a boiled egg and served steaming hot. Ramen is the best street food in Japan. This one bowl is sure to fill you up for the day.

Traditional Japanese Foods- Tempura

Tempura is a traditional dish of fried fish and vegetables. They cut the vegetables in a unique manner. The batter for the fish is cold. They fry it at searing oil temperature. Special care is taken to fry the fish. It is normally accompanied by a dipping sauce or flavored salts.

Traditional Japanese Foods- Yakitori

Yakitori is bits of chicken that the chef grill with amazing flavors. They use every piece of chicken. The liver, heart and other pieces add to the taste.

Traditional Japanese Foods- Tsukemono pickles

These pickles have been in Japan since ancient times. Tsukemono pickles are made using a variety of ingredients and fruits. The combination of various colors gives an attractive texture. The Tsukemono pickles are also extremely healthy.

Traditional Japanese Foods- Sashimi

Much like Sushi, this is another tradition of Japan. Sashimi consists of raw fish cut into small pieces without the rice. The fish used in Sashimi differs at different price points. Sashimi uses other seafood instead of fish. You can pair this dish with soy sauce with a hint of wasabi.


Made popular by Ross’s ‘Ahh Unagi’, this dish is another favorite in Japan. This dish comprises of grilled eel resting of rice with soy sauce. They grill the eel special skewers and add a lot of flavoring.


Udon is another popular dish. People love it for exquisite taste. This noodle dish is easy to make and very affordable. Udon can be served hot or cold and is served with various toppings of sides. Udon is made differently in different regions of Japan. This is a famous traditional Japanese food.

Traditional Japanese Food  – Best To Look For
Traditional Japanese Food – Best To Look For


Soba is another noodle dish extremely popular in Japan. You can eat soba eighter hot or cold. Accompanied by a dipping sauce, it’s the perfect dish for a breezy evening.

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