Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

Top 50 Japan travel accessories. You’ve booked your flight to the Land Of The Rising Sun. Or you’re thinking about it. Legend has it that Cherry Blossoms bloom only a certain time of the year, for a certain number of days before they wither away. Then again, they’re not legend, but the truth.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

Curious about cutting edge technology and robotics? A lot of the places in Japan’s major cities will give you a sneak-peak into how these once far away ideas and ideals were a figment of the scientist’s imagination now come to reality and to life.

And the food. Japanese food that’s Ephocal of this part of the Orient’s cultural cuisine—– fresh, vibrant and varied. Sushi and Tempura. Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki. Udon and Ramen. Omu Rice And Kare Rice. We’re doing their cuisine an injustice for sure, what with mentioning only these. There is so much more! Much, much more, that your taste buds NEED to savor.

Here’s a list of must-see places on a budget you might want to consider for your upcoming trip, and our own list of top 10 Japan travel accessories for your touring pleasure.

Top 50 Japan Travel Accessories: The Best Places To Go On A Budget

Tokyo, as you well know, is Japan’s capital. Everything there is glamorous and modern. From skyscrapers to fashion, and automation. Automation for almost anything around there. Though there are museums, parks and other historical infrastructure that won’t warrant that you sell your soul, there are other beautiful places outside the said capital you’ll find just as amazing.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

The first on our travel go-to is up north in Aomori. The capital of Aomori Prefecture, you will bear witness to the home of the August Nebuta Festival’s Hirosaki Part. That’s, of course, to assume that you’ll be dropping by the Nebuta Festival’s Wa Rasse Museum.

Second, let’s travel further north to Sapporo. Hokkaido’s capital is internationally acclaimed for its international-standard Snow Festival. Looking to spend a White Christmas with your loved one? Visit the ski resorts, as well as parks such as the Odori and Shikotsu-Toya, among many others.

Going down a little south of Aomori, stop by Miyagi. One of its main tourist attractions is the Matsushima Bay. Let your feet walk on its 260 islands that are surrounded by pine and other flora, and the glorious blue ocean around them that will garner a lot of photoshoots from you and your camera.

If you’re headed to Tokyo, you might as well include Kamakura to your itinerary. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the historical sites that have been preserved since the 1100s, would you? The Kamakura Daibutsu will welcome you with golden arms as the 2nd largest Buddha statue in the country.

Top 50 Japan Travel Accessories: More Travel Budget-Friendly Places To Visit

A city that’s as sparkly as Tokyo is Osaka. Yes, it’s a metropolitan city that will leave you feeling in-awed, and somewhat dwarfed by the tall and modern structures (dwarfed, in the best way possible). At the same time, you’ll find delicious street food in the smaller street corners of the city.

The next stop is Okinawa. This southern spot is not only culturally different from the northern parts of Japan, but its cuisine is also quite varied, too! If beaches are your vacation go-tos, then you’ll love the clean and well-preserved ones on this coast.

Lastly, Fukuoka. With shines and temples that speak of ancient history, you’ll adore and be astonished at these marvels. The architecture and historical significance of the said structures are truly tantalizing.

There are a lot of other places (this is an understatement) we didn’t cover. We’ll leave that for our next post to keep you excited and wanting more. Now, onward to our top 10 Japan travel accessories to accompany you during your trip.

Top 50 Japan Travel Accessories:

1. Silica Gel Travel Luggage Tag

It’s easy to lose sight of your tag when traveling, more than you think. With the rush of excitement exploding your mind and attention, it may be a challenge to keep tabs of your belongings. The practical way to do so? Silica gel-travel luggage tags.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

You’ll be able to easily identify your luggage with these pastel-colored, hues. In case your travel luggage is lost somewhere among others of a similar make and color, these tags will identify yours as… well, yours.

2. Multifunctional Waterproof Travel Bag

Thinking of going on a short trip somewhere and are thinking of traveling light? The multifunctional waterproof travel bag will be your best bud as you travel. It’s a hand-carry that offers a comfortable grip because of its thick straps.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

When talking about the bag’s lining, waterproof canvas is an ideal fabric to ensure that your things are kept dry and snug while you’re in transit. On that note, you won’t have to worry about bring too many items with you as it has measurements of 39cm x 18cm x 30cm.

Let’s also not forget one of its unique features. Its lower compartment is made especially for you to store your shoes.

3. HD Waterproof Air Camera

Create spectacular memories and don’t let them be Gone With The Wind (Yep, just watched this movie classic again. Not at all related to the topic at hand). Let them live onto eternity with the HD waterproof air camera.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

This portable camera has 170-degree wide-angle capability, you can take images of landscapes from end to end. With a high-definition lens, you’ll know that it can zoom in and out while leaving the picture resolution perfectly clear.

It comes with its own 64GB SD card, a charger, a 900mAh/ 5V battery, a USB cable, among other accessories that you may have fun frame by frame, shot after shot.

4. Adjustable Nylon Luggage Straps

Add carry-on bags to your travel luggage using the adjustable nylon luggage straps. Manually carrying your duffle bags can be tiring. Your arms muscles will feel strained and what you want is a vacation that’s stress-free!

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

These adjustable nylon luggage straps will do the heavy-lifting for you. Literally! They can be hooked onto the handle or bar of your rollaway and on the strap’s opposite end, hook your carry-on through it. Its locking mechanism is through a durable sternum buckle. It will be able to hold heavy weights while you sit back, and chill for your getaway.

5. Digital Luggage Weighing Scale

It’s tough when you’re caught in the middle. “Caught in the middle” as in you’re about to check-in at the airport and learn that your luggage is overweight. This means another payout from you, instead of using that as additional cash (or credit) for your actual trip.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

Just when you thought you’d packed the lightest already. Well, there’s no reason to be unsure about luggage weight and nervous that it’ll go over the limit as long as you use the digital luggage weighing scale.

This small yet efficient weighing tool has a 50kg capacity. And with an LCD display, you can conveniently check on the weight of your carry-ons and roller bags without issues. Plus, that very display automatically powers off when not in use.

6. Travel Luggage Protective Cover

Your luggage warrants protection as you travel. You may not realize it but it does. And the travel luggage protective cover can aid you in shielding your roller bags from scatches and jarring. What’s more, it can protect it from other weathering elements as well.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

There are a variety of colors and unique designs to choose from. Take your pick and match them with your travel outfit of the day, or according to your mood. It’s up to you! You’ve got 3 sizes to choose from to perfectly fit the travel luggage you’ve got.

7. Portable Emergency First Aid Kit Medicine Bag

Travel health and safety are priorities that we should never waiver in seeking out. You’ll be going on a getaway, to… get away from the routine and stress of work. However, caution should NOT be thrown to the wind.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

It’s always safer to have it than not to… the portable emergency first aid kit medicine bag. It has enough storage for items such as Band-Aid, gauze, disinfectant, pills for stomach trouble and dizziness, the list goes on and on.

A compact kit that will save lives. Or if this is too dramatic, a compact kit that will warrant you have a safety-prepared journey.

8. Portable Footrest Hammock

Back pain, while traveling is often caused by something you wouldn’t believe is the root of it. Your posture and the way your feet are anchored to the ground. If you’ll be journey via plane or bus and your feet will be dangling from the floor, this will cause tensions to your lower spine and in turn, bring minor to severe pain to your lower extremities.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

Avoid this by using the portable footrest hammock. It’s a hammock… but for your feet! Instead of leaving them dangling or tiptoed, secure the hammock in the seat in front of you, adjust according to your foot-level and let them rest.

9. 7-Piece Waterproof Packing Luggage Organizer

Packing light has a lot to do with organizing well, more than you think those two ideas relate to each other. There are strategies of doing so such as rolling pieces of clothing and others. However, a very convenient one is through utilizing the 7-piece waterproof packing luggage organizer.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

You’ll have an organizer pouch for several items such as apparel, undies, toiletries, etc. You won’t open your bag and be welcomed by an explosion of clothing but will save time in fix-ups with this organizer set.

10. U-Shaped Travel Pillow

Want a comfortable journey? And yes, that word, “comfortable.” Comfort can come with how at ease you are as you’re in transit. Often, muscle pain around the neck and shoulders is what disrupts your supposedly relaxing vacation.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

Neck, shoulder and upper extremity muscle strain can go away with the U-shaped travel pillow. It supports these said parts of the body and aligns them. To add to this, it’s manufactured with memory foam. It will naturally follow the contour of your neck and nape to put these same body parts in a relaxed position.

11. 18/10 Stainless Steel Collapsible And Reusable Straw Set With Brush

There’s a shift that’s finally starting to show itself in more and more practical things in our lives. Plastic straws? Not the only option anymore. In fact, what you’ll see here on #11 is quite amusing, and very effective.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

The 18/10 stainless steel collapsible and reusable straw set with brush. Drink with style while saving the planet in doing so. Here’s a high-grade, durable, and washable straw that you can reuse anywhere you are.

12. 4-In-1 Folding Pocket Tableware

Traveling will teach you how to pack light. Rather, it’ll teach you why it’s an important skill to harness. You want your journey to be comfortable. And part of that is to have less weight on your shoulders. We mean this in its literal sense.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

The 4-in1 folding pocket tableware is a tool that has a spoon, a fork, a knife, and a bottle opener. These utensils are attached to the same base. No bulk when you pack your flatware. This one device has them all.

13. Cartoon Print Garment Cover

Traveling with your best suits and gowns with you? A little stressed that they might emerge from the journey more scathed than unscathed? What about a quick trip where you have to head to the changing room for a get-up switch?

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

The cartoon print garment cover will shield your clothing from dirt and dust, and other elements that may ruin your apparel. Its lining is safe for any kind of fabric. Plus, it’s moisture-resistant.

14. 3D Sleeping Eye Mask

Doctors have said that a strategy to create an environment that’s conducive to sleep is “light.” When your eyes are shut, a minimal percentage of light still travels through. Not as much as when you’re up. However, it’s a cause of restlessness when you slumber.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

The 3D sleeping eye mask will be a shade against light whether natural or artificial. It has eye socket contours for eye comfort. Furthermore, it has polyester and sponge material that is lightweight and breathable.

15. 270ml Folding Cups

The name says it. No complications. No other explanations. The 270ml folding cups are the real deal when it comes to liquid holders that are travel-friendly. These drink-travel buddies are going to be your new favorite.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

These cups are a space-saver. They can be pushed down and folder to an almost coaster-like form after use. Consequently, they’re reusable. They have a lid to cover your drink and protect it from dust and germs.

16. Camouflage Passport Case Holder

Your passport is your ticket from place to place. That sounded so much more “duh” than we’d hoped but yeah. It’s true. Therefore, care must always be given to it. Nobody wants any passport mishaps along the way. *knock on wood

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

So, we’ve got #16 here. The camouflage passport case holder. Its PU Leather is excellent against folding, light jarring, and abrasions. Even more, it’s has a waterproof surface to ensure your passport will stay dry.

17. Genuine Leather Travel Bag

Genuine leather isn’t only about its beauty. Although we have to admit, that’s a reason why we love it. Another is its quality. Unlike faux leather, it doesn’t peel off or corrode. As a result, it’s a durable material highlighted here.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

One of our favorite travel bags is this genuine leather travel bag here on #17. You’ll want to have this as you go on vacation. Or, on casual days when you simply feel like accessorizing. It’s sleek and stylish. More than this, it can withstand light scratches and other abrasions

The genuine leather travel bag. Here’s a gorgeous bag that boasts of leather that’s elegant overall. It can hold up to 4 days’ worth of clothing. Most noteworthy, it has a chute for a pair specifically for shoes.

18. Collapsible Travel Coffee Mug

We just adore these collapsible drink holders. There’s a second one here on #18. The collapsible travel coffee mug. For the avid traveler, you already know that space should be maxi maximized as much as possible. Whether large or small.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

And with this collapsible mug, you can achieve that. First, it folds down for easy storage. Second, it’s made with FDA-approved silicone and food grade PP. Not to mention its 350ml liquid capacity.

19. Compression Vacuum Bag

Let packing be effortless and efficient with the compression vacuum bag. Frequently, not knowing how to pack light is what causes us to flip out when our travel bag just can’t accommodate our clothes. Of course, that’s to assume you’ve removed unnecessary pieces.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

The compression vacuum bag seals and flattens pieces of clothing. Collectively, it can save on space in your bag. Additionally, they safeguard your clothes from dirt and dust. And keep them fresh until you land.

20. 4/Pcs Set Stainless Steel Cutlery

Having your own set of cutlery is a wise practice when you and your family are on the road. It’s Earth-friendly, for one. Another, it’s practical. Buying plastic spoons and forks at the nearest convenient store can’t happen if there’s no near convenience store from where you are.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

Turn to this set of 4 pieces of stainless steel cutlery. Each pack contains a spoon, a fork, a pair of chopsticks, and a bread knife. These have a pouch to keep them separate from the rest of your things in your travel bag.

21. Collapsible Outdoor Sports Water Bottle

Hydration is important even when you’re in transit. Sure, you’ll be stopping by some stores that sell food and drinks. Nonetheless, it’s good to have a bottle handy that you can refill whenever you’re able to. Better to have a bottle ready all the time.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

The collapsible outdoor sport water bottle is the sports enthusiast and travel aficionado’s go-to. Fill it up to either 350ml or 500ml (depending on which one you purchase), with a drink of 0 to 40 degrees in temperature.

22. Durable Tactical Molle Water Bottle Holder

You should be able to go around from place to place, hands-free. That mean’s even your water bottle should be elsewhere. A bag? Perhaps. But not if you want it somewhere accessible? Bring in the cheer for the durable tactical molle water bottle holder.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

It’s wear-resistant, dust and dirt-proof, the ideal bottle holder as you head on towards your outdoor excursion. More so, it has a Velcro locking system so your tumbler stays in place while you’re in transit.

23. Inflatable Double-Sided Comfortable Pillow

Sometimes, a pillow is all it will take to make the journey more peaceful and relaxing. When you’re traveling, it’s difficult to “find your spot” on the seat. And being seated upright for long hours doesn’t exactly help.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

The inflatable double-sided comfortable pillow has a lining made of PVC. Thus, when inflated, can withstand the pressure and any weight you add on top of it. It won’t easily deflate and pop.

24. Compressed Magic Towel For Outdoor Travel

Maybe you’ll be traveling to areas where basic amenities will be far from your reach. At least, not within the next few miles or so. Maybe you constantly want to keep hygienic when in a public transportation vehicle.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

The compressed magic towel for outdoor use has got you covered. Just add water to it and it’ll reveal itself to be a hand and face towel that’s soft on the skin. Bring these compact towel balls wherever your feet lead you to!

35. Genuine Leather Travel Purse

Organize your cash and cards and put them in an accessible pouch. Ease of access is needed when you’re traveling. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in a line somewhere rummaging through your purse for some change.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

This genuine leather travel purse has a variety of compartments for IDs, cards, and cash. Similarly, it has a size that offers room for your phone, your passport, and other essentials for your trip.

36. Portable Mini Gas Stove

Going camping outdoors? The journey itself will get your and your friends’ tummies rumbling. However, it’s good to note that perhaps the trail your trekking doesn’t have a restaurant nearby. For this, the portable mini gas stove will be your savior (as it is, ours).

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

Cook meals as though you’re still in your kitchen. Well, not quite, but yeah. Follow the instructions as to how to attach the burner to the mini gas stove. Due to its durability, and manufactured with stainless steel and brass, it can withstand tough environments.

37. Portable First Aid Emergency Kit

Being away from home has its perks. It’s a way to refresh your body and mind. It’s a way to spend time with your loved one, away from the daily stress of work. Yet, you should always be alert and on your toes for mishaps.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

With a bag measurement of 17cm x 12cm x 6cm, it can carry bandages, bottles of disinfectants, surgical tape, pills, and other medicines you think you might need during your journey.

38. Portable Pill Case

If you’re like us who have allergies left and right, or if you’re someone who takes scheduled medication… A third “or”… if you are regular in taking vitamins and supplements, you can keep your routine even en route to your destination.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

With the portable pill case. It has dividers for your ease in separate different types of pills. For this reason, they’re more accessible. PS and PP material are its main components for a sturdy and compact make.

39. Portable Urine Bag For Traveling Use

Okay, don’t be too skeptical just yet! Although, we understand the reaction. We had the same mouth-agape, horrified expression when we heard about this. On the contrary, that’s no longer the case since we found out it actually works!

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

The portable urine bag for traveling use. It has a sealed safety cover that locks in liquid and smell. Also, it’s reusable and easy to clean. Even after, because of its liquid and smell trapping feature as mentioned above, no traces of the said liquid will be left behind once washed.

No longer will you need to hold it in until you reach the next rest stop! What a way to give your bladder a break during long trips.

40. Travel Luggage Tag

With thousands and thousands of luggage bags at the airport, and with adrenaline coursing through your veins, excitement pumping in your blood, it’s best to keep tabs on your belongings. Yup, there’s a way to do it right.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

These travel luggage tags have vibrant colors and alluring designs, you’ll definitely spot them immediately. Most noteworthy, flip it over and it has a name card where you can write information in case the bag gets lost.

41. Folding Silicone Coffee Cup

Have your drinks in a cup that’s ready-to-go and yet is reusable. Whether in transit to a vacation destination, or simply at home or in the office, this folding silicone coffee cup will surely make your day. And your family’s, too!

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

The cup is leak-proof because its lid seals it well. No spills with this item. It even has a drink opening on the lid itself, in case you don’t feel like taking the entire cover off the cup. After drinking up, fold and insert it in your pocket or purse.

42. Insulated Water Bottle Pouch

Going on an outdoor trip or a getaway where the destination is going to sun, sun, sun? Ready yourself by picking the right pieces of clothing and accessories. At the same time, let your body be ready as well by carrying the insulated water bottle pouch with you.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

This insulated water bottle pouch is a high-capacity bottle cooler. Its EPE material has an insulated lining that ensures your tumbler stays chilled for a long period. Also, it has a strap for easy carrying. It’s a way to carry your drink with you while leaving your hands free to move!

43. 5-In-1 Travel Camping Utensil

Have a meal in your travel location with the 5-in-1 travel camping utensil. You’ll out there, roughing it in the outdoors. There may not be a restaurant nearby. There may not be a convenience store. So, with your packed meals, have them with this awesome tool.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

The 5-in-1 travel camping utensil is of strong, durable stainless steel. They’re perfect for the outdoors. More so, it has a spoon, a fork, a bottle opener, a knife, and a whistle.

44. Luggage Suitcase Cover

Even your luggage deserves to be just as fashion-spunky as you! Clothe your roller travel bags with psychedelic and out-of-this world-printed luggage suitcase covers. Match them with your travel outfits-of-the-day.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

These luggage-suitcase covers are stretchable. In this manner, they’re able to fit most travel bag sizes. Its universal measurements are what make them equally special. To add to this, they washable. And even with repeated washes, they’re won’t lose their elasticity.

45. Travel Quick-Drying Towel In Silicone Case

Ever had that experience where you and your family needed to head on to the next stop but your towel’s still not dry enough to pack? Annoying, isn’t it? You can avoid that from here on with the travel quick-drying towel with silicone case.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

Here’s a towel that absorbs moisture very quickly. Oppositely, it dries just as fast. It’s because of the fact that it’s manufactured with fast-drying soft microfiber. And its silicone case contains alloy carabiner.

46. Silicone Portable Travel Bottles

Hygiene should still be at the very top of your list when you travel. Most especially when you travel. Instead of lugging heavy shampoo, shower gel, and lotion bottles, dial their sizes down to mini. Mini and lightweight.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

The silicone portable travel bottles. They’ll definitely help as you pack light. These silicone bottles come in 60ML, 80ML, and 90ML. Grab them today while they’re available and start transferring those sweet and soapy toiletries into these tiny containers. With oil resistant plastics, these non-toxic bottles are squeezable!

47. Sleeping Eye Mask With Free Earplug

Getting into Slumber Zone is what everyone wants when en route to your vacation location. But being in a moving vehicle, whether on land or on-air, isn’t the most convenient of situations. Researchers say that simulating “sleeping conditions” is the best way to do it.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

That “night time feel”, which you can experience with the sleeping eye mask with free earplugs. Its microfiber and polyester fabric are what make this eye mask breathable and soft on the skin.

Even better, the pair of earplugs it comes with is a noise silencer. Therefore, you can count sheep in peace and quiet.

48. Waterproof Electronic And Nylon Organizer Bag For Traveling

It’s annoying to have to rummage through your travel bag to find where you put your phone’s charger, power bank, earphones, extra batteries, and the like. Being on travel mode should mean being in a relaxed mood, even with how you organize your gadgets.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

Organize them well with the waterproof electronic and nylon organizer bag for traveling. It has numerous slots, in various sizes. In this manner, you can insert differently-sized devices with ease. With a nylon lining on its pouch surface, it can keep dirt and moisture away.

Make your gadgets and other similar accessories readily accessible and easy to find when you’re in transit with this awesome organizer bag.

49. U-Shaped Travel Neck Pillow

Being in a vehicle for long hours can cause strain to your body when not seated in the right position. And when not support with the right tools. By “tools”, we don’t mean anything electronic for #49. We’re talking about the U-shaped travel neck pillow.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

You’ve seen travelers having this around their necks in airports and terminals. Because they’re very effective. They provide comfort around your neck, nape, and shoulders by supporting the weight of your head.

Its plush materials add relief so that it’ll feel like your resting your head on a soft pillow.

50. Telescopic Cup

Think of it as a stainless steel foldable drink cup. Because that’s what this rad item is! Worry no more about having your own drink holder whenever you’re out and about. Whether that means you’re on a trip or are simply away from home.

Japan Travel: Top 50 Accessories For Hassle-Free Trips

This telescopic cup comes in 3 sizes. Have one of each for variety! Moreover, it’s portable and lightweight. You’ll be able to bring it with you simply by inserting it in your bag. Or even your pocket.