Tokyo Tour: Visit It

Tokyo Tour: Must Visit Places

The Japanese capital has occupied a place of honor in everyone’s hearts. You will gradually fall in love with this infinite city, we will recommend our essential places to visit during your Tokyo tour.

Meiji Jingu

It is probably the most famous Shinto shrine sanctuary in Tokyo and one of the places to visit that you cannot miss in any way. Better to go during the week and in the afternoon that there are fewer people, although on weekends you can run into a traditional Japanese wedding that is also a picture worth seeing. It is amazing how this huge green lung is preserved in the middle of a jungle of asphalt so frantic. It is located very close to the Harajuku de la Yamanote stop and deserves a restful walk to savor the road little by little. A few steps away is the Takeshita Dori pedestrian street full of very peculiar shops.

Fish Market Of Tsukiji

It is probably the place that most struck us in Tokyo on the second trip to Japan. Many will think that it is only a market or that it is very touristy, but it captivated us. An experience to enjoy it with all the senses, especially with the taste, since in the stands that are in its surroundings you can taste the best sushi in the world. Be careful because certain seasons close it to tourists, so check before you go. It is close to Ginza, although in November 2016 it is planned to move to Toyosu. Then you can relax in the Hama Rikyu Koen gardens.

Tokyo Tour: Visit It
Tokyo Tour: Visit It

Yoyogi Koen Or Yoyogi Park

We admit it, it is a very touristic place, but the visit to this park can be extraordinarily fun and an ideal place to take home very curious photos of the experience. It is more advisable to go on a Sunday morning that is when people wear their “best clothes”. You can not leave without seeing how the rockabillies dance. It is located very close to the Harajuku stop of the Yamanote circular line. You can take the opportunity to tour the Omotesando area and leave a few yen for shopping or see the former Yoyogi Olympic Stadium.

Roppongi Hills

Tokyo Tour: Visit It
Tokyo Tour: Visit It

Visiting this place will be amazing! Trust me it will make your Tokyo tour worthwhile. Here you have to come at night even to see the impressive illuminated Mori Tower (without a doubt one of the best viewpoints in the city) and see the Tokyo skyline full of red dots. It is one of the favorite neighborhoods of the gaijins to take the pulse of Tokyo night. In the area, there are very good restaurants like the Sukiyabashi Jiro, which regent the son of the mythical Jiro Ono. It is a great example of a vertical city. To get there, the best in the metro. Hibiya or Toei Oedo lines.

These can be the best places to visit when one is on their Tokyo tour.

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