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Randoseru Japanese Backpack

Randoseru Japanese Backpack
Randoseru Japanese Backpack
Randoseru Japanese Backpack

A Randoseru is very sturdy. This Japanese backpack is convenient for bringing books to school because of its sturdy material. At the same time, this book bag is handy because it helps properly support their necessities as the children carry the load to school. The pack will not hurt your child’s back because its strap is soft for easy use. It allows the child to carry books efficiently with a lesser risk of back pain. Similarly, this backpack is adorable and highly fashionable. As a result, your child can bring the bag with fashion because of its charming style and physical feature.

Features Of Randoseru Japanese Backpack

  • A sturdy and fashionable bag with an automatic lock, it is convenient for carrying books at school
  • Provides comfort to your child allowing her to prevent back pain
  • Very useful backpack for girls, it can help your child carry school materials easier
  • Material: Japan PU / Dimensions: Length: 26cm; Height: 33.5cm; Width: 20cm; Weight: 1.3kg
  • Package includes: 1 x Randoseru School Book Bag

Excellent Uses

A backpack is a beneficial material because you can store a lot of things into it. In particular, a school backpack can help your child carry all her books without any difficulties. Since the child can carry the bag on her back, it allows her to access her things quickly and conveniently bring books regularly at school. Unlike regular packs, this type of backpack enables your child to be fashionable at school. She can enjoy its beautiful floral design, and it protects her spine effectively. When a child carries a lot of things, it can often hurt her back, causing sprains and backache. However, because of it’s sturdy and hard shell-like design, the weight doesn’t pull the spine backward as much as canvas or fabric-made bags do. As a result, it causes less stress to the child’s body.

Taking Good Care Of Your Backpack

Since this backpack is handy, you have to take good care of it. That is why you need to maintain its quality so your child can use it for an extended period. After all, you need a suitable storage material for her school needs, and this is a convenient bag. So, after your child uses it, always store it in a cool, dry place and gently wipe any visible stains and dirt.

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