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4 Japan’s Culinary Locations

Japan’s Culinary Locations: Top 4 To Visit

UNESCO recently added the Japanese cuisine known as washoku to its list of Intangible Cultural Heritage. So, now Japan becomes the second country after France to be honored with this title. Going through different parts of Japan and the food cultures practiced there will give you an idea of the reason behind UNESCO’s wise decision. Every corner of this nation boasts of some exceptional food and drink recipes. Here we will be going through Japan’s culinary locations to get the flavors of its popular washoku.

Japan’s Culinary Locations: Top 4 To Visit
Japan’s Culinary Locations: Top 4 To Visit

Japan’s Culinary Locations: Kyoto

Kyoto is the ancient capital of Japan, and a visit to this place would be incomplete without trying your hands at kaiseki-ryori. This is a multi-course feast of several seasonal dishes. You should try it at any old restaurant in the city. Pay a visit to the Nakamura-ro in Gion for the best kaiseki-ryori.

You can even try the vegetarian version of this banquet called shojin-ryori. The subtle blend of textures and tastes, along with the artistic presentation of this feast, will remain etched in your memory forever. Not to forget the mesmerizing beauty of the china bowls and exquisite lacquerware in which this feast is served.

Japan’s Culinary Locations: Tokyo

This is one name you can trust when it comes to getting the best flavors of different dishes found in Japan. Sushi would be something you should try out in Tokyo because this is the place of its origin. In Tokyo, Sushi is called Edomae-zushi, and it presents enticing pieces of raw fish covered in vinegared rice. The best place to have your taste of old sushi flavors is at the varied stalls located at the Tsukiji market. You need to hurry up because this popular market will soon be relocating to Tokyo Bay.


Osaka is known for its octopus balls called Takoyaki in Japan. Takoyaki consists of unpretentious balls of vegetables and seafood covered in lip-smacking batter. This dish is more delicious than ramen and sushi, and it all originated in Osaka.

Osaka is the second-largest city of Japan and is also known for its batter pancakes topped with squid, meat, and shredded veggies. The dish called okonomiyaki in Japan is garnished with mayonnaise, brown sauce, fried tuna, and powdered seaweed. Dotombori in Osaka would the perfect venue for trying out all these dishes.

Japan’s Culinary Locations: Top 4 To Visit
Japan’s Culinary Locations: Top 4 To Visit


Hakodate is the northern island of Japan, and it serves as the gourmet spot for having your eyes and your tongue on noodle dishes. The noodles recipes found in this part of the nation offer varied tastes and flavors.

Hakodate is also famous for its lamb barbeque, jingisukan. The seafood, especially fish, of this region is famous across the world. Salmons and crabs from Hakodate go to different parts of the world for the taste they offer. Here you can give yourself the flexibility of getting spoilt with bowls of rice or noodles topped with supercuts of fresh seafood.

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