Thermos Lunch Box

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The lunch box is an essential thing to have. This Japanese style food thermos lunch box bowl is also called Bento Boxes. These Japanese lunch boxes are the traditional way to carry food. These lunch boxes are now modernized and have microwave protection. And it has three-layer food thermos lunch containers to keep food warm for a longer time.

Japanese Style Food Thermos Lunch Box

Japanese style lunch boxes have a typical issue with portability. But this lunch box is compact and easy to carry. It is small, but it also contains lots of different compartments for food stack. It’s not entirely like old traditional lunch boxes which are somewhat awkward to carry. But this Japanese style food thermos lunch box bowl is designed differently from traditional lunchboxes. You can see it when you take a Japan tour package. This lunch box is simple, and it has Japanese graphics, which makes this lunch box attractive.

Thermos Lunch Box
Thermos Lunch Box

Product Description

 It is three-layered thermos lunch containers.

This lunch box is leak-proof and airtight, which will keep your food warm for a long time.

It made of steel which is durable and robust.

Lunch box has plain cute Japanese print on it.

It also has Anti-skid bottom.

This lunch box weighs around 450 grams.

 You can use it in the Microwave.

Japanese Style Food Thermos Lunch Box Includes

This lunch box has three containers:

The top lid is a bowl shape holder which is ideal for having hot soup.

The second container is for food like veggies, or you can put rice in it. The last container will keep food warm longer.

The third container is the main container, which contains the main food. You can put the food here, and it will remain warm for a longer time. The last container also has a handy cup handle so it could be easy to carry.

Key Features

Stylish Thermo steel Lunch Box

This lunch box is not just durable, but it’s an elegant thermo-steel lunch box. You can take your lunch at work or japan tour package in a Japanese style with the thermos lunch box. It has three containers which give you warm food for a longer time. It has leak-proof and airtight container so that your food will not spill out from this lunch box. This Japanese style food thermos lunch box’s top repository is a bowl which you can use for eating.

Durable And Stylish Construction

This Japanese style food thermos lunch box has solid stainless steel construction. The construction makes this lunch box durable, and your food will remain warm for a longer time. This lunch box has a cute and cool Japanese print. This print is ideal for both grown-up and children. It will keep your lunch warm for extended periods so that your food will taste the same after a few hours. The top container is the highlight of this lunch box. It has a bowl to have soup or noodles.

This lunch box is ideal for any situation and place. It can keep your food safe and warmer for a longer time.

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