Fun With a Trip to Mystery Land With Family -

Fun With a Trip to Mystery Land With Family

Fun With a Trip to Mystery Land With Family

Once you arrive in Japan, it’s very difficult to resist the attraction of a trip to Mystery Land. It is actually the only theme park in Japan that truly captures the spirit of Disneyland.

Mystery Land

Fun With a Trip to Mystery Land With Family
Fun With a Trip to Mystery Land With Family

Mystery Land is located in the city of Tokyo. The park features a number of rides like the Voyage to Mars, Space Ship Odyssey, and the Gamera Encounter at night. There are also tons of attractions and events to check out during your time there.

When you first arrive in Mystery Land, you’ll want to grab a bite to eat before you venture off to see the famous Tokyo Tower. This world-famous landmark is actually one of the main attractions at Mystery Land. It is actually more of an indoor ride rather than an outdoor ride but still worth seeing.

Journey To The Mystery Land

Ride through the dark tunnels under the space ship to another part of the ride. The place is enormous and sometimes appears to be underground. This is because of the large number of tracks for the special effects. Take your time looking around and notice all the different things that surround you.

Finally, head back to the Earth for the ride to Mars. This is the Gamera Encounter where you pilot the giant monster and battle some robotic life forms that are sent to Mars. Head towards the end and be sure to take in the largest screen of the entire attraction.

As you ride down the left side of the ride to Gamera’s room, be sure to keep your eyes open for this strange-looking man. He will point to the side and wonder if you are looking at him. You will then have to Dodge the machine that looks like a live dinosaur for some parts of the ride.

Know More

If you have never been to a theme park with a big screen, this might be the best place to start. Each movie is completely different from the others, so you may want to watch each one until you understand what is going on. You can’t help but look forward to the next movie as well.

After you have ridden the ride, you can also visit Tokyo Tower for a little viewing. Enjoy the view of the city and marvel at all the lights. There are also incredible night views.

On your way out of the park, you will want to take a walk along the Ocean to see the many different types of marine life. At the entrance to the ocean, you will see dolphins in action. Watch them swim on the water and enjoy all the sounds they make.

Continue on your walk and you will see a firework display of pretty much anything you can imagine. For instance, I saw a display with sharks, dolphins, sharks, turtles, and whales. These attractions are a bit different than most theme parks. Some people really enjoy the thrill of traveling through a tank, getting on a boat, and witnessing the natural wonders of the ocean.

Bottom Line

Fun With a Trip to Mystery Land With Family
Fun With a Trip to Mystery Land With Family

You can also enjoy all the waters of the world that you’ve been missing out on while you’re away. For example, in Japan, there are the waters of Japan and the seas of Europe. I recommend checking these out so you can fully enjoy the view from Mystery Land. Some people enjoy seeing the difference between the two to really appreciate the grandeur of the ocean.

Once you have made it through the Waterworld ride and all the other attractions, you will then want to find a place to eat. The restaurants here are quite expensive and it’s a good idea to do a little research to find a restaurant that has free parking or is a bit more affordable. Make sure to stop in for some food at the resort since they offer a unique and delicious menu.

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