Culinary Guide Of Japan – A Detailed Discussion :| Types Of Japan Food

Culinary Guide Of Japan – A Detailed Discussion

Culinary Guide Of Japan – A Detailed Discussion

You might want to plan your trip to Japan for the rich culture and its history, but the visit will remain incomplete without tasting the food. When it comes to food in Japan, many only think about fish and rice. But Japan has more than that for food lovers. The unique and great cuisine of Japan will surely pamper your taste bud. Here is a small culinary guide when you are planning a trip to different Japan’s cities.

Culinary Guide Unagi – A Treat For The Seafood Lovers

Culinary Guide Of Japan – A Detailed Discussion
Culinary Guide Of Japan – A Detailed Discussion

Unagi or freshwater eel is an extremely famous dish in Japan. This dish is cooked to perfection with special eel sauce and sweet soya sauce. It is a bit thick and yummy in taste. Make sure to try this dish while you are visiting Japan.

Culinary Guide Uni – Another Specialty Of Japan’s Cities

The spiky exterior might not look too tempting but Uni or Sea Urchin is a must-try for all the visitors. The interior of Uni has a very creamy texture to offer you. This seafood is a bit sweet. You will get Uni at any restaurant offering sushi.

Culinary Guide Sushi – A Delicacy For All The Hungry Mouths

According to us, Japan is the sushi capital of the world. Well, you might be a little surprised to know that Sushi actually originated in Southeast Asia. However, with passing years, it became famous in China and eventually it was embraced by Japan. Sushi is an amazing mixture of rice, vinegar, and fish. You cannot stay in Japan without trying Sushi for once. In this country, it is almost like a tradition to serve Sushi. Therefore, try it out before your trip ends.

Culinary Guide Kaisendon – A Bit Of Everything To Satisfy The Taste Bud

Kaisendon is mostly served at restaurants located near the fish market. It is a very popular meal during the lunch hour. This dish is a fantastic combination of sushi rice and fresh sashimi. Well, if you are pretty hungry and want more food, order this popular dish with uni, prawn and salmon roe.

A Classic Presentation

Japanese curry is another specialty of Japan. This curry is rich in taste. The combination of carrot, onions, pork or beef, and potatoes make this one super yummy.  All the veggies are cooked in a thick dark gravy, which is simply great in taste. If you are a food lover you must taste this classic offering of Japan.

Culinary Guide Of Japan – A Detailed Discussion
Culinary Guide Of Japan – A Detailed Discussion

Tempura – A Traditional Dish Of Japan

Tempura is all about deep frying seafood or different veggies. Seafood like shrimp or veggies like sweet potato is battered and fried giving it a crispy texture. It is served with a dip called tentsuyu. If you are vegetarian this tempura is a must-try for you. Other than the shrimp, this dish offers only crispy veggies. However, you must know that the dip is made from the stock of dried fish. Japan’s culinary guide does not end here. It is a long list. Try to taste most of the dishes while you are still in Japan. Enjoy your trip with some great clicks, fantastic shopping, and yummy food.

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