Best In Japan: Things You Should Expect To See Here

Best in Japan

In order to give you a guide on the best in Japan, I will give you my opinion about what to expect and what to do when you visit Japan. I was first attracted to this country when I went to Sapporo. The natural beauty and waterfalls made this trip one of the best in my life.

What To Expect And What To Do When You Visit Japan

When I mentioned this to my friend, he told me there is not a destination in the world that can beat Japan. He goes on to tell me that even though there are some tourists here, the Japanese actually put a lot of effort into seeing and enjoying themselves.

Best In Japan: Things You Should Expect To See Here
Best In Japan: Things You Should Expect To See Here

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The Japanese Culture

The Japanese culture is so rich and mysterious that the English speaking visitors end up feeling as if they have stepped into another dimension. What better way to experience a foreign culture than spending your life in Japan? Let’s see what you get out of your visit.

Amazing Views

Probably the best thing that draws tourists to Japan is their amazing views. You can actually see Mount Fuji from your hotel or even from the bottom of the mountain. It takes you to another world where everything looks like you are looking at it for the first time.

Japanese Cuisine

Japanese cuisine is not something you might have expected from a country that was historically known for its vegetarians. I had never tried so many things that I thought were vegetarian before. This is because their diet is filled with lots of fish, seafood, and vegetables. The result is a delicious and satisfying meal.

Best In Japan: Things You Should Expect To See Here
Best In Japan: Things You Should Expect To See Here

For the health-conscious, Japan is not as strict about what you eat as other countries. Drinking milk is encouraged, but if you don’t want to, then you can get it in other forms. Not only are they full of natural and organic foods, but they also eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables that can make you feel good every single day.

The Environment

Their environment is not as polluted as other countries and therefore the environment is a lot cleaner and a lot healthier. This also contributes to the fact that they have fewer cancer cases per capita compared to other countries. Many people are convinced by these facts that Japan has a lot of good in its country and is the perfect place to live.

An Array Of Magnificent Places To Visit

One of the best features of Japan is the array of magnificent places to visit. No wonder why they are called the “Land of Tradition”. There are countless examples of traditional architecture that you can visit and they are all beautiful and creative. The world is your oyster when it comes to being able to visit some of these historic places.

To get the best in Japan, you will have to take your own transport when you are here. If you stay in one of the bigger cities, such as Tokyo, you won’t have much of a problem with transportation. Just keep in mind that Japan is not the safest country in the world and you need to be careful when you are traveling here.

Best In Japan: Things You Should Expect To See Here
Best In Japan: Things You Should Expect To See Here

The Shikoku Island

If you are interested in nature, the best in Japan is probably the Shikoku Island. It has some of the most pristine environments in the world. I also found that when I was on the island, I had the opportunity to take a wild ride on a tank-like gondola. It really takes you to another world.

The Old Town Of Kyoto

The best in Japan is probably the old town of Kyoto. It has some of the best Japanese architecture and is surrounded by a beautiful park. This town is a must-visit for anyone who likes ancient architecture and natural beauty.


You can also visit popular beaches all over Japan. From the seaside in Okinawa to Hokkaido, Nihonmachi, Ogasawara Island, and Kanazawa, you will be able to find a beach that suits your taste. so you will not have to worry about finding the best in Japan because you are sure to find it.

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